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Tisha's Tuesday Toddlers Home Daycare

2 full-time openings available immediately for ages 6 weeks to 4 yrs old (Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm). Call/text or email to set up an interview today...205-6437.

Touching The Future

I don't wear power suits,
make speeches,
or drive a fancy sports car.

I've never talked on a car phone,
made a big sale,
or been elected to the Senate.

I don't "do lunch",
have a big impressive office,
or carry a beeper.

I spend my days wiping away tears,
giving hugs,
and serving chicken nuggets.

A good day is when I go through a whole day
without a temper tantrum,
bite mark,
or a toilet training accident.

My "office" is a room full of brightly colored toys
and laughing children.

You may not think that what I do is very important
and you may even whisper behind my back
"What a waste of a good mind"
But I know better.

I make a difference
because I'm changing the world
one child at a time.

Everyday I'm getting the once in a lifetime chance
to touch the future.

I'm proud to say "I'm a child care provider".

~ by Marti Doyle

A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove ... but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.

Hello and welcome to Tisha's Tuesday Toddlers! You may be wondering what's with this name. I have had several inquiries to this so here goes...I worked with a company called Monday Morning Moms for about 3 years. This company found me clients, provided training and pop-in inspections to ensure the clients were receiving only the best of care. They provided back up providers to the clients as well. Due to local economic reasons, this company was no longer able to remain profitable and went out of business in January 2004. Of course my first thought was to father reminded me that I was still providing the best care possible just as I had done before Monday Morning Moms came along. My father told me I would just have to become "Tisha's Tuesday Toddlers" and here I am!!

My name is Tisha Craig and I am a Licensed Experienced Child Care Provider located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have been providing home child care for working professionals for the last 24 years. During this time it has become my pleasure to share in the growth of numerous children while providing a safe, wholesome and nurturing environment for them to love, learn and explore. Please take a moment and look at what my program could do for you and your child.

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